Join us over 14 episodes as we learn about Rockgas, the LPG lifestyle, and how to make the most out of your LPG.

Episode 1

Welcome to Rockgas

Episode 2

Staying bug-free this winter with Rockgas

Episode 3

Preparing LPG for natural disasters

Episode 4

Keeping your home bug & flu-free in winter

Episode 5

Refill & Save

Episode 6

New Zealand’s Largest LPG Supplier

Episode 7

The Benefits of LPG

Episode 8

Connecting your home to LPG

Episode 9

LPG Safety

Episode 10

Checking your Regulator & Ordering Refills

Episode 11

Ordering LPG Online

Episode 12

Rockgas Across New Zealand

Episode 13

The LPG Lifestyle

Rockgas Bottle Basics