Unused gas credit notification – 26 May 2023

We would like to advise all our Rockgas residential customers who use cylinder bottles, that Unused Gas Credits (UGC) will no longer be applied from June 6th 2023.

If an account is closed and/or residents move house, we will continue the usual process where cylinders are picked up for return and a credit is applied, or refund given for unused gas subject to an administration fee. No UGC will be applied for cylinders weighing less than 10kg.

15 April 2023

We’re updating all our Rockgas systems and processes, and as part of this we’ve updated our terms and conditions. 

These take effect on 15 May 2023 for current customers and immediately for new customers.

While there are no major changes, the updates relate to:

  • obligations of “Non-occupying customers”, for example landlords;
  • ensuring our drivers have safe, unobstructed and easy access to the property;
  • simplifying invoicing and payments processes and terms
  • updating our privacy clauses
  • force majeure events;
  • termination; and
  • authorised persons.

Click on the above link for the Rockgas Ltd Terms and Conditions

See below for additional Terms and Conditions specific to Rockgas Nelson & Marlborough

PAYMENT TERMS – 18/1/2023

Effective immediately, Rockgas Nelson & Marlborough’s payment terms will be PAYMENT WITHIN 7 DAYS from date of invoice.


From 1st April 2021 Rockgas Nelson & Marlborough will not take on any new single cylinder customers. Existing customers with single cylinder setups will be charged a $60 special delivery fee for any delivery that is not on their scheduled delivery day (ie: runout delivery).

Rockgas Nelson & Marlborough offer a ‘regular check’ service to some customers (in special circumstances only) at an extra charge. Our regular check service does not exempt you from paying a call out fee if you require an after hours delivery. Each customer is still responsible for managing their own LPG usage and placing extra orders when required.

Rockgas Nelson and Marlborough require all rental property tenants to pay for their LPG cylinder deliveries in advance.